All global government bonds on Cbonds website

24 января 2017 - Cbonds


Dear Cbonds users!

We are pleased to communicate pleasant news to you – now you can find all government bonds of all countries of the world on our website!

You can find bonds you are interested in easily and quickly in the Advanced Bond Search section ( by filtering bonds by country and government sector. The website also offers information on government bond auctions in ALL countries in the Government Bond Auctions section ( This section can also be of interest for those keeping track of upcoming auctions. 

 The website provides up-to-date information on mid-term and long-term government securities (Bonds, Notes); short-term securities (Bills) data is provided for developed markets. Finance ministries, central banks, and treasuries of respective countries serve as sources of information on government bonds and auctions.

The website offers government bond prices from 68 trading floors ( and from 83 market participants (! 

The table below shows leaders in terms of issued government bonds in billion USD (total amounts of outstanding bonds) for every region.

The world leaders in terms of government debt are as follows:

1) The USA (USD 13,755.6147 bn)
2) Japan (USD 7,486.71 bn)
3) Italy (USD 1,917.211 bn)