Finca’s bonds placed at NASDAQ OMX Armenia

28 апреля 2017 - Cbonds


On April 27, 2017 placement of nominal coupon bonds (FNCAB2) issued by “Finca” Universal Credit Organization CJSC (UCO CJSC) took place at NASDAQ OMX Armenia.

The Company submitted for placement 150,000 coupon bonds for the amount of AMD 1,500,000,000 with nominal value of AMD 10,000, coupon rate of 12.75% and maturity period of 24 months.

Purchase orders for a total value of AMD 1,861,352,596 were submitted for the Company’s bonds (ISIN- AMFNCAB22ER2), as a result of which the bonds were fully placed. The Issuer has attracted AMD 1,501,239,156 from placement. Cut-off price of the bonds was AMD 10,001.72, the cut-off yield stood at 12.74%, and the weighted average yield was 12.702%.
Эмитент: FINCA Armenia
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15 years have passed since “FINCA International Inc.” Not-for-Profit Corporation founded FINCA in Armenia aiming to provide financial services to the lowest-income entrepreneurs to create jobs, buil... подробнее
Выпуски в обращении:
1 выпусковUSD4 000 000
1 выпусковAMD1 500 000 000