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Local corporate and municipal bonds of China on the Cbonds website – release

11 января 2018 | Cbonds

Data on domestic corporate and municipal bonds of China were added to the Cbonds website (http://cbonds.ru/countries/China-bond). To date, the website has information on 11.5 thousand bonds of issuers from China, which are divided into 6 thousand domestic corporate bonds and 3.5 thousand domestic municipal bonds. Traditionally, bonds have available emission parameters, cash flow, bond calculator, quotes from trading platforms and market participants.


The total volume of domestic corporate bonds in circulation reaches about 2 trillion USD, while the vast majority of issues are denominated in the national currency of the country – the Chinese yuan (CNY). The main issuers in the domestic corporate bond market of China are the banking sector companies (mainly Rural Commercial Bank, Agricultural Development Bank of China, Bank of Shanghai and others), financial institutions and construction and development companies.


The total volume of internal municipal bonds in circulation is estimated at 2.1 trillion USD. All securities are in the national currency of the country. The main issuers in the domestic municipal bonds market of China are such provinces as Yunnan, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shandong, and Shaanxi.


China's debt securities market is the third largest in the world, but foreign investors own less than 1.5% of local bonds. However, in July 2017, China and Hong Kong launched the Bond Connect program (cross trades in bonds), which opened access for foreign investors to the debt securities market (including the bond market), with a total volume of over 9 trillion US dollars. While only the "northern direction" of cross trades is working, that is, foreign investors having no trading account in China have the opportunity to buy and sell Chinese bonds. The date of opening the "southern direction", which will open the way for Chinese investors in Hong Kong, is still unknown. The first investors participating in the Bond Connect program are HSBC Holdings, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, Standard Chartered and Bank of China.


We remind you that the database Cbonds has more than 200 000 bonds and Eurobonds from 170 countries. Please note that access to local bonds of issuers from China is included in the Cbonds-Premium and Cbonds-Premium Personal tariffs.

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