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Bond quotes by OHV now available on Cbonds

05 февраля 2018 | Cbonds

We are pleased to inform you that Cbonds has been expanding its partnership with market participants on daily bond prices publication on the website. Bond quotes available on the website now include prices by OHVThe quotes are available on OHV webpage, in the Bond Quotes by Market Participants section (http://cbonds.com/quotes/market/), and on pages of bonds quoted by the company (for example, BMW, 0.875% 17nov2020, EURhttp://cbonds.com/emissions/issue/174593).

OHV has operated in the financial markets for more than eight decades. Oolders, Heijning & Voogelaar (OHV) was born from a merger of three brokers in the foreign exchange, money and capital markets. At the request of several major Dutch banks, these companies merged with the objective of creating a single desk servicing the market. In merging their companies, Oolders (est. 1932), Voogelaar & Smulders (est. 1943) and Heijning & Broersen (est. 1983) have combined their many years of experience and their extensive network. As one of a select number of independent financial institutions in the Netherlands, OHV has certainly benefited from this network in many ways. OHV has evolved over the years into a partner and consultant to various central and local governments in the Netherlands, along with the majority of the country’s institutional investors. This gradually shifted the company’s focus from traditional stockbroker to investment advisor serving major institutional clients. OHV continued to build on this knowledge and experience, eventually applying for an Asset Management and Investment Advice licence. The company has been operating as an asset management firm and investment consultancy to institutional and private investors since 2008. OHV is currently one of the larger asset management firms in the Netherlands, regulated by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

Cbonds has been building up partnership with price providers, which allows our clients to get reliable information about the current market conditions.

Организация: OHV

Полное название организацииOHV Capital Market
Страна рискаНидерланды
ОтрасльФинансовые институты


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