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Gdansk University — Карточка организации

название организации Gdansk University
полное название организации Gdansk University
страна риска Польша
сайт http://eng.wzr.pl/


The Faculty offers three very attractive bachelor degree courses for students: · Management, · Finance and Accounting, · Computer Science and Econometrics. Specialisation areas related to these degree courses are consistent with core programme requirements. They are also consistent with the programmes of European and American colleges, which provide students with professional skills, enabling them to hold managerial posts in institutions and in domestic and foreign companies. The graduates of the faculty become key employees of banks, financial institutions, consulting firms and companies in a variety of sectors. They are also well-prepared for running independent business activity. There are presently over 2,000 full-time students and over 2,000 part-time (extramural) students at the Faculty. According to Bologna process both the full-time programme and the part-time programme (extramural) last 10 semesters and consist of 2 stages. The first stage, the professional course, lasts 6 semesters and the graduates are awarded the Bachelor’s degree. The second stage, the complementary Master’s programme, takes additional 4 semesters and the graduates are awarded the Master’s degree. Post-graduate programmes include: Accounting and Finance, School of Management, Health Care Management, Human Resources Management, Ecological Auditing, as well as Banking, the latter being conducted in co-operation with Gdańsk Banking Academy and the Academy of Banking in Frankfurt. The programmes are of the great interest to the graduates of various universities. The Faculty holds the right to award scientific degrees: doctor’s and associate professor. Teaching and research staff of the faculty consists of 36 professors, 68 tutors and senior lecturers and 67 senior assistants and assistants. The staff of the faculty conducts research on Marketing, Organisational Restructuring, Capital and Investment Markets, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Human Resources Management, Enterprise Information Systems Design, Activities of Small and Medium Enterprises, Statistic and Econometric Modelling and Forecasting, Market Processes and Consumer Market Research, resulting in numerous textbooks and publications in leading national and foreign scientific and professional journals. Academic teachers of the Faculty hold posts in local authorities, act as government advisors, members of management boards and supervisory boards of companies and financial institutions. For two years the faculty has been co-operating with prestigious foreign academic centres such as: the London School of Economics, the University of Leicester, Chicago Loyola University, University of Stirling, Kingston University (London). The collaboration with the University of Leicester and London Business School resulted in creation of the Statistic Information Centre that monitors economic changes in the Central and Eastern European countries. Under the recently expanded co-operation programme with American Civic Education Project, students have the opportunity of gaining additional knowledge and learning about American practices in public sector management. Foreign student exchange has been gaining momentum under the European Union programs Erasmus and Socrates. There are 9 scientific associations at the Faculty in which the students develop their interests, extend their knowledge and improve their practical professional skills. The Faculty is equipped with several computer labs with Internet access and a variety of application software. Additional terminals are located in the Faculty entrance hall. Faculty teaching rooms are furnished with modern audiovisual equipment. In addition to the Main Library of the University of Gdansk, the Faculty of Management has two faculty reading-rooms open to employees and students. The Faculty consists of 10departments and 1 institute.
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