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Montagu Private Equity — Карточка организации

название организации Montagu Private Equity
полное название организации Montagu Private Equity
страна риска Польша
отрасль Финансовые институты
сайт http://www.montaguprivateequity.com/


Montagu Private Equity arranges and invests in buyouts of businesses headquartered in Northern Europe. Since our formation in 1968, we have invested in hundreds of companies, across many different industry sectors - manufacturing, transport, logistics, healthcare, waste management, business services, web-hosting services and many many more. Today we focus exclusively on management buyouts where we can back strong incumbent CEOs who want to acquire the business they run, usually from a corporate owner or a founder. We invest and work in partnership with a company's management team so that, together, we can maximise the value of our investment by unlocking a business' full potential. We like companies that are typically worth €100 million to €1 billion or above. We have a preference for businesses offering products or services that are differentiated and would otherwise be badly missed. We have investment executives based in six European offices and a fund of €2.5 billion to invest. So we have plenty of firepower and plenty of resource to deploy. A buyout can be a complex process. We know - we did our own in 2003. So we really do understand what's involved.
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Кредит Объем, млн Статус
Montagu Private Equity, 4, 06.2011 130 PLN Предоставлен
Montagu Private Equity, 3, 06.2011 50 PLN Предоставлен
Montagu Private Equity, 2, 06.2011 462 PLN Предоставлен
Montagu Private Equity, 1, 06.2011 248 PLN Предоставлен