Aksa Enerji — Карточка организации

название организации Aksa Enerji
полное название организации Aksa Enerji Uretim A.S.
регистрационная форма Акционерное общество
страна риска Турция
отрасль Энергетика
сайт http://www.aksaenerji.com.tr/en/


Aksa Energy is established as a subsidiary of Kazancı Holding, whose main field of expertise is energy, in 1997. Kazancı Group operates in the energy sector since 1960s. Kazancı Group companies operate in all areas and carry out their operations in synergy with each and every link of the energy value chain, from production to distribution. Aksa Energy meets all required services and solutions on an in-house basis in an effective, rapid and efficient manner during the installation and operational cycles of the power plants that are included in its production portfolio. Aksa Energy is the largest independent power producer in Turkey amongst public companies. The production portfolio of Aksa Energy includes 20 power plants which produce electricity using natural gas, lignite, wind, hydro electricity, fuel-oil. Aksa Energy also helps the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) meet its electricity needs with its power plant in Northern Cyprus.
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