Cbonds Page: Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Corporation

название организации Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Corporation
полное название организации Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Co., Ltd.
страна риска Китай
отрасль Финансовые институты
адрес Xuhui District, Shanghai Changle Road 989 Century Trade Plaza, 45 layers
телефон 021-33389888
e-mail swhysc@swhysc.com
сайт http://www.swhysc.com


Shenwan & Hongyuan Securities Co., Ltd. (SWS), formed by the merger of the former Shanghai Shenyin Securities Company and Shanghai International Securities Company on July 16, 1996, was the first stock-holding securities company to be incorporated in China. SWS now has 218 shareholders, including its largest shareholder, the Central Huijin Investment Ltd. Established more than 20 years ago, it has been developed into a large and comprehensive securities company with about 3,000 employees and a registered capital of RMB6.716 billion. Besides the internal divisions, SWS boasts of 9 regional branches, 2 representative offices and 145 business sub-branches all over the country. SWS's holding subsidiaries are SWS Research Co., Ltd., SWS Futures Co., Ltd., SWS PE Investment Co., Ltd., SYWG BNP Paribas Asset Management Co., Ltd. as well as SWS Hong Kong Holdings Ltd. and the listed company SWS Hong Kong Ltd. in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In addition, SWS takes a stake in Fullgoal Fund Management Co., Ltd. SWS' business scope includes securities brokerage, securities investment consultation, financial advisory business related to securities trading and investment activities, proprietary trading, securities underwriting and sponsoring, securities assets management, distribution of securities investment fund products, and introducing broker services for futures companies.
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86 21 33389958

Участие в сделках

Бумага Объем, млн Статус
China Railway Corporation, 5.26% 14may2024, CNY 15 000 CNY Организатор


Бумага Дата Цена покупки Цена продажи Доходность по цене покупки, % Доходность по цене продажи, %
China Development Bank, 4.52% 12jan2032, CNY 21.07.2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
State Grid Corporation of China, 4.99% 17Apr2022, CNY 21.07.2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
State Grid Corporation of China, 5.26% 17apr2027, CNY 21.07.2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
State Grid Corporation of China, 5.38% 19aug2024, CNY 21.07.2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
Китай, Bond 3.32 4may2018 1Y 21.07.2017 **.**** **.**** *.** *.**
Китай, Bond 3.52 4may2027 10Y 21.07.2017 **.**** **.**** *.** *.**
Китай, Bond 4.1 27sep2032 20Y 21.07.2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
Китай, Bond 4.27 17may2037 30Y 21.07.2017 ***.**** ***.**** *.** *.**
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