Akfen Holding — Карточка организации

название организации Akfen Holding
полное название организации Akfen Holding AS
страна риска Турция
отрасль Строительство и девелопмент
сайт http://www.akfen.com.tr/


Having established its first company in 1976, Akfen gained holding status in the year 1999 and eventually became one of Turkey’s top infrastructure investment holdings. Akfen Holding invests in, manages and coordinates its subsidiaries and affiliates active in industries such as airport management and operations, construction, port operations, marine transport, water distribution and waste water services, energy and real estate. The holding has joint ventures with such well-renowned national and international corporate enterprises as Tepe ?n?aat Sanayi A.?., PSA International, Souter Investments LLP and Kardan N.V. Akfen also has a strategic cooperation agreement with the leading global hotel chain ACCOR S.A., related to the construction of Novotel and Ibis brand hotels in Turkey. In 2010 Akfen Holding went public with a free-float rate of 28.26% and the shares of the company is traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (“ISE”) under the ticker symbol “AKFEN”. One of the top business groups in Turkey with a robust management structure, a strong human resources base and a commitment to transparency policy, Akfen Holding continues to grow by multiplying the riches of Turkey.
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Akfen Holding, FRN 23mar2017, TRY 200 TRY Погашена
Akfen Holding, FRN 9jan2017, TRY 140 TRY Погашена
Akfen Holding, FRN 7mar2014, TRY 200 TRY Погашена
Akfen Holding, FRN 24dec2013, TRY 80 TRY Погашена