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Geo Mieszkanie i Dom — Карточка организации

название организации Geo Mieszkanie i Dom
полное название организации Geo, Mieszkanie i Dom Sp. z o.o.
страна риска Польша
страна регистрации Польша
отрасль Строительство и девелопмент
сайт http://geogrupa.pl/en/


  • pre-LEI / LEI


Grupa GEO The Geo Group began its business activities in 1988 in Kraków, as one of the first private companies on the housing construction market. In 1992, the Joint Office of the Polish Government and the World Bank tested a new mortgage system using our company, before it was officially introduced on the Polish housing market. During the 23 years of our business activities, the company has built and commissioned over 60 housing projects, with approximately 3000 flats. Since 2000, Geo has been realizing various investments in Wrocław, and in 2007 we opened a new branch in Katowice. The Geo Group is a member of 'Stowarzyszenie Budowniczych Domów i Mieszkań' (The Association of Housing Construction Companies). We also participate in the ‘White List of Companies’ programme which monitors good business practices in companies. The Geo Group’s dynamic and responsible business practice has been recognised in various industry competitions, where we have won many prestigious awards. (link to the award page). We treat the awards and distinctions as recognition of the professionalism of the entire team involved in our daily business. The high quality of our construction projects, innovatory solutions and perfect craftsmanship have delivered our success, and are today the guarantee of the highest quality of our products. Many years of experience and professional service enable us to provide our clients with the priceless sense of security and full trust. The following companies comprise the Geo Group: Geo, Mieszkanie i Dom Sp. z o. o. Geo Developer Sp. z o. o. Geo Domator Sp. z o.o. Geo Invest S.A. Budland Sp. z o.o. Property Profit Sp. z o.o. Geo Projekt 1 Sp. z o.o. Geo Projekt 2 Sp. z o.o. Geo Projekt 3 Sp. z o.o. Geo Projekt 1 Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa Geo Projekt 2 Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa Geo Projekt 3 Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa Geo Medical Sp. z o.o.
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Валюта Выпуски в обращении Суммарный объем
PLN 1 10 000 000

Долговые обязательства

Бумага Объем, млн Статус
Geo Mieszkanie i Dom, FRN 02apr2019, PLN (K) 10 PLN В обращении