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Организация: CCB International

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CCB International (Holdings) Limited
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CCB International (Holdings) Limited (“CCB International”) is an investment services flagship which is wholly-owned by China Construction Bank Corporation (“CCB”). Its core business is divided into three main areas, namely Pre-IPO, IPO and Post-IPO which in turn form a comprehensive investment services value chain that offers a full range of products, and services including sponsoring and underwriting, financial advisory, corporate mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, additional issuance and placement of shares and refinancing for listed companies, direct investment, asset management, securities brokerage, market research, investment consultancy, etc. Through the sustained development and international capital markets exposure, CCB International has evolved into one of the top investment services institutions in Hong Kong featuring well-developed value chain, most diversified services, closest connection with the Mainland, creation of best values for the clients. In terms of Listing and placement, CCB International raised over HK$1,000 billion for over 100 companies in the global equity market. In terms of Direct Investment, CCB International was able to explore and foster a number of industry leaders, achieving outstanding investment returns as well as creating a win-win situation for its clients. In terms of Asset Management, CCB International established a couple of Private Equity Funds and Public Funds. In terms of Industry Investment Funds, CCB International established several private equity funds denominated in RMB, far outpacing its peers by amount and scale. In terms of Securities and Research, CCB International provided highly efficient services to its investors through one of the most advanced trading system in the world and offered its clients with professional research consultancy services based on its excellent research platform. In terms of Domestic businesses, CCB International took the most advantage of business relationship with Chinese banks and achieved effective complementation between investment and commercial banking businesses. In terms of Overseas Businesses, CCB International executed its global strategic arrangement in a steady and proactive way through the platform and resources supported by the parent company.


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